Below are some of the major software developments. Additionally, OLNAR specializes in Website Design, SEO services and Data Analytics.

DoBuild - Field Data Tracking

Web-enable and Mobile platform to collect real time field data. It has the ability to collect pictures, videos and relevant information such as daily reports and job quantities and upload the data in the cloud for instant tracking and organizing purposes.  Visualize your Projects Data in an interactive Dashboard: Daily Reports, Field Documentation, Status tracking, Audits Search, Project Locations Map and more…


UX/UI, Apps and Dashboard Development, Interfaces, Cloud, Workflow


Flo-Ops is a student-centered mobile learning platform (iOS and Android Apps, School Dashboard and multiple LMS integrations per school system). 

It fosters a strong sense of community by seamlessly integrating a student’s social life, academic journey, and educational resources into one unified platform, enhancing student outcomes and engagement.


UX/UI, Apps & Dashboard Development, API, LMS Interfaces, Cloud, Workflow

Integras Partners Dashboard

Integras Partners helps with financial planning, investment management and accounting. OLNAR created the web-enable Dashboard that applies Integras Partners’ investment strategies. API and Data scraping interfaces with eMoney and Orion systems. 

Confidential Data. Dashboard can’t be shown.



UX/UI, Dashboard Development, Interfaces, Cloud, Workflow
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School Dismissal Automation

SDA is a web-enable and mobile platform that automates School Dismissal and organizes students through their daily trips between home and school (Bus Tracking). Parents can rest assured about the safety of their children because they can always track and have control of school routes, as well as schedule arrivals, departures, absences and extracurricular activities from their smartphones.


UX/UI, Apps and Dashboard Development, Cloud, Workflow